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Chess Tournament 6

If you do have an appetite for tough challenges, GRENKE Chess Open 2019 is out there! As the organisers decided to connect GRENKE Classic with GRENKE Open in previous years the number of participants increased substantially. Thanks to that, now we have the largest chess open in Europe. I did also participated to last years event and you can read my observations and experiences from the first hand.

GRENKE Chess Open takes place annually in Karlsruhe, Germany and this year it will be the fourth consecutive event. It is open to all players from around the world and it is expected that more than 1.500 players, almost 300 out of them with titles from Candidate Master (CM) to Grand Master (GM), will be present for the challenge. The tournament has three categories with various strength levels and this year total prize pool is increased to 70.000 EUR, that is 10.000 EUR more than last years. In addition to that, players will have the chance to share the same venue, due to GRENKE Chess Classic, with the top class players from the chess world. Players for this year’s Classic are as following:

GRENKE Chess Open will be held between 18 – 22 April, 2019 with 9 Rounds Swiss-System. Pairings will be determined by a computer and time-controls are: 2h for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game. For further details and registration information please visit the event’s official website, where you can also follow the games live. 

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 01.03.2019

World Cup 2014


After a long and hard-work 32 teams made their way to Brazil for the biggest football event of this year. As the countdown continues, excitement culminates. The kick-off will take place with the “Brazil – Croatia” match at Sao Paulo on Thursday 12th, June at 17:00 (CET).

In this twentieth occasion of the World Cup series, Brazil has 12 stadiums in as many Host Cities. Although teams might have rightful concerns about travel fatigue, in a country that is in love with football and plenty to offer in terms of tourism this might turn into a joy for the supporters who are widely spread around. 

When it comes tophoto 1 the football, Spain will arrive as an invincible armada due to its last three consecutive titles of 2008, 2012 European Champion and 2010 World Champion. Therefore, Del Bosque will definitely try to keep the trophy with his proud but declining team. 

photo 3On the other hand, Brazil has already sat on top of the bet sites with 3/1 odds. As Brazil hosts the World Cup it will definitely take the benefit of its supporters and its legendary background. Their records are impressive as participating all of 19 previous competitions and achieving to collect 5 trophies. Even only these two statistics make them unique but will it be sufficient? We will see. 

The other 30 teams have all their pros and cons, and they have their words to say on the field. If you also have yours I added some files at the end of this article. You will find groups, venues, match calendar with days and hours at the “Match Schedule”. There are also “Rules of Game” and “List of Players” as official documents. You can click the official web pages of FIFA and UEFA for more information and further details.[1]

Finally, I have prepared three more files for making things more fun. In the first file, which is called “Group Stage Matches”, you will find a fill-in form for all the group stage games for the possible or realized scores. Second file, which is “Road to the Cup”, is a map for further challenges after group stages. Third and the last one is “My FORECASTS”. This is a final product of comprehensive analysis which is including but not limited to qualifying round and league performance of teams, squads’ talents, historical data and current motivation.

Enjoy the Cup!

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 30/05/2014

Official Documents:                      My Contributions:
Match Schedule                             Group Stage Matches
Rules of the Game                         Road to the Cup
List of Players                                 My FORECASTS (Will be avaialable as of the kick-off whistle)


[1] The photos in this article along with the “Rules of the Game”, “Match Schedule” and “List of Players” files are taken from FIFA’s Official web page.

Chess Tournament 2

Turkish Chess Federation, Representation of Ankara announces another tournament for the mid-February. Starting the year very active, this time it is “ELO Tournament” that calls for chess fans.


Tournament will be held in 14-15-16 February, at the Ziya Ozan Yuzme Havuzu Kafetaryası, Ulus/Ankara. Tournament has two categories: one for the players with ELO/UKD over 1601, and the other for the players below this level.

Although seven games in three days will be tiring, this is also a chance for the ones who always works against the clock.

For more details please click on chess 2014 T2.

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 07/02/2014


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My Book


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to present you all my recent works that took place during my ‘European Economic Studies’ at the College of Europe, Bruges at MA programme.

In this book you will find three academic works based on economics and two social essays. While economic papers dwell on ‘Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis’, ‘Forecasting Exchange Rates’ and ‘Consumption Function for Turkey’; social essays comprised of ‘Rough Guide for İstanbul’ and ‘Chocolate Tasting’.

Although some parts require technical and economic familiarity I hope you will find things that appeal to you and enjoy reading. With this occasion I would like to thank once again to everyone who inspired and stimulated me to conclude these tasks, friends who supported and tolerated me during the challenges and difficult times, and readers’ feedbacks which will enable me to improve myself.



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