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You will find here general information about various aspects of life. Some of these will be objective news and statistics, while others will be a reflection of my experiences, travels or research. The contents of this website are shaped by good-will principle and my interest areas. I do not accept any advertisements, sponsorships or support from any private or public body. Based on this fact, Economics and FinanceTravel Notes and Book Reviews will be among the prominent subjects that I will provide information on. You can also follow from this platform the Chess events that take place, and other Social and Cultural Activities that might appeal to you.

Medium of communication has been chosen as English, but there will be publications in Turkish, French and German, too (hopefully with a brief translation). Therefore, I apologize for the language inconvenience in advance and want to remind you that comments on any language are happily accepted. Besides, I believe that a friend who keeps silent to your mistakes is worse than an enemy who criticizes harshly. So, if you realize any faults on my web pages please let me know for a correction.

As a final mark I would like to state that, unless otherwise indicated, all the photographs that take place in this website belong to me. You are allowed to use those for uncommercial purposes with references but please do ask permission for further use and high quality copies.

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My Book

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to present you all my recent works that took place during my ‘European Economic Studies’ at the College of Europe, Bruges at MA programme.

In this book you will find three academic works based on economics and two social essays. While economic papers dwell on ‘Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis’, ‘Forecasting Exchange Rates’ and ‘Consumption Function for Turkey’; social essays comprised of ‘Rough Guide for İstanbul’ and ‘Chocolate Tasting’.

Although some parts require technical and economic familiarity I hope you will find things that appeal to you and enjoy reading. With this occasion I would like to thank once again to everyone who inspired and stimulated me to conclude these tasks, friends who supported and tolerated me during the challenges and difficult times, and readers’ feedbacks which will enable me to improve myself.



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Stock Analyses

As I mentioned previously, “The contents of this website are shaped by good-will principle and I do not accept any advertisements, sponsorships or support from any private or public body”. However there are costs related to subscriptions to magazines and data providers to get reliable news and financial data sets in order to present a quality product; cost that I bear for running this website; time and labour that I devote to foster it etc.

Good news is that, I will keep most of the content free of charge as it is. STOCK ANALYSES are based on balance sheets, income statements, financial reports and they also cover price movements of stocks as well as a comparison of them to the market index. I have made one of the analysis open to public to show the content and quality of the work.

With these reports you will get a snapshot of a company. Instead of dealing with thousand data entries from financial reports, you will be able to make your decisions based on pleasantly presented graphs and brief comments on those.


General information and statistics that are provided through this platform; and/or articles, essays and various comments of the author that take place herein this website belong to the author and do not represent any other third parties’, public/private institutions’ or organisations’ ideas, neither they aim to direct their decisions. I am not registered as a securities broker-dealer or an investment adviser. The information contained on this site is not an offer to buy or sell securities or any other financial instruments. These are solely my own opinions, comments and general information. I do not provide services as such. Parties, who act through blogs and comments presented at this website, accept to bear the possible benefits and risks at their own responsibility.

Any information or comments that are shared in this website cannot be used without reference or providing the link.

Yasal Uyarı

Bu sitede yer alan bilgi ve istatistikler, makaleler, yazılar veya yorumlar tamamen yazarın kişisel görüşleri olup kamu ya da özel bir kurum veya kuruluş gibi herhangi üçüncü bir tarafın temsilini içermemektedir.

Sitede yer alan bilgiler başta hisse senetleri olmak üzere herhangi bir mali aracın alım ya da satımına ilişkin tavsiye niteliği taşımamaktadır. Sermaye piyasaları lisansına, yatırım danışmanlığı unvanına ya da aracılık yetkisine sahip değilim ve bu tür hizmetler sunmamaktayım. Blogdaki içerik üzerinden hareket eden kişiler, bunun kendi risk ve getiri tercihleri doğrultusunda ve kaybetme olasılılığını da içerecek şekilde davranmalıdırlar, aksi eylemlerden dolayı bir sorumluluk kabul edilmemektedir.

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