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10 Best Dividend Stocks

U.S. 2020/q3


In the good old days, investing in savings accounts or long-term bonds were probably the best thing to do for low risk and steady returns. And letting your savings grow passively via compound interest was the right investment strategy.

However, today short-term interest rates are near zero and risk-free assets aren’t really risk free anymore. Long-term government bonds can deliver large “real” losses if inflation picks up in the future. This means income investors need an active strategy to manage their funds. With these ideas, I have made a detailed search for dividend stocks with long histories of dividend increases year in year out and in the end reached to the 10 best dividend stocks as an alternative for passive income investors.


As I did get very insightful suggestions from Insider Monkey during the process I would like to thank them with this opportunity. To read the article please refer to their page or Yahoo Finance.


For this research I have used the database of Yahoo Finance and Insider Monkey, along with the companies financial reports. For the calculations, most recent closing (20/11/2020) data have been applied.

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 25.11.2020


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