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Café Finance Chess

Hi there!

If you are interested in Finance and/or Chess, you can join my initiative on to play friendly chess. It takes place every Saturday at 10:00 am (Central European Time) and currently open to anyone. There are no fees and no rewards. We are just playing for fun and therefore matches will not be rated. If you are too strong for us, you can still join. However then we expect you give us some post match analysis, so we learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves.

You can find our tournaments under Café Finans Satranç Arena. My user name at lichess is FriedrichWeber and you can also join my team for notifications and tournament links. I will share it also 24h before the tournaments through my Twitter account @ergun_unutmaz

Hope to see you next Saturday!

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 10.01.2021

Design, Logo and Photo by Ergun UNUTMAZ

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