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      The flag of Montenegro was officially adopted on 13 July 2004  and sanctioned with the proclamation of the Constitution on 22 October 2007.  It is a red banner with broader golden edges all around the red field with the coat of arms of Montenegro in its center. The charge is a two-headed eagle which is a symbol of Byzantine and ultimately Roman origin. It symbolises dual authority, such as that over the church and state and the eagle holds a golden scepter in its right claw and a blue orb in its left. The lion passant on the escutcheon is as a sign of episcopal authority and could have been inspired…

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    There are many reasons to visit Paris: Beginning with, it is being one of the business and politic centres of Europe. Second, it is home to priceless art collections, world-known museums and literature collections. Furthermore, I know people just go to Paris for delicious French cuisine and tasting exquisite French wines. It is easy to expand the list with cultural and historic richness that has been offered on the one hand, and colourful night life and fun at Moulin Rouge on the other. But if we set aside all the reasons, Paris is a destination just being-for-itself for me. Maybe it is because that I lived the very first two-years…

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    “Le drapeau tricolore” The origin of the flag dates to 1790, the French Revolution when the ancient French colour of white was combined with the blue and red colours of the Parisian militia. Thanks to its historical, cultural and geopolitical characteristics France is one the multipurpose journey destinations. Whatever your objective would be, you will find it in abundance at France due to its variety and richness in tastes. France[1] is located in the Western Europe; bordering Bay of Biscay and English Channel between Spain and Belgium, bordering the Mediterranean Sea between Spain and Italy. France is also neighbour to Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg. Area         :…