Chess Tournament 4

This time challenge is not at home but abroad! With the co-organization of Croatian Chess Clubs (Šahovski klub Draga Rijeka, Šahovski klub Krk, Šahovski savez Primorsko-Goranske županije) International Open Chess Championship of County of Primorje and Gorski Kotar will be held in island Krk, in Croatia. Official title of the tournament is “Zlatni otok Krk – 2014” and this is the second event of series which started only last year. FIDE competition rules and 9 rounds of Swiss System will be applied in the tournament.    

zlatni otok 

The competition is not limited with a certain number of seats and it is open to all participants from Croatia and abroad. Digital chess sets will be used and real time broadcasting is planned for the occasion. Results will be reflected in ELO and Croatian national rating calculations for the eligible players.

In addition to above special awards for the top three places, there are also awards for best women, best candidate, best veteran, best junior etc. Special awards are; 1.100 euros for the winner, 700 euros for the runner-up and 400 euros for the third place player. However, it is announced that if the number of participants ends up less than 100, awards might be reduced. Award ceremony will be held on April 12th, 2014 at 14:00. For further details, tournament regulation and tournament calendar you can check the event’s official web page

Last year there were 50 players from 10 different countries with an ELO average of 1.884, average of top 15 players with international title was 2.374. Grand Master (GM) Vladislav NEVEDNICHY from Romania, who won the title with 8 points and without losing any games, will also be present at this year’s tournament, too. You can click the links for the Participants List and live coverage of the games.


Ergun UNUTMAZ, 17/03/2014