EURO2016 – France

Le Rendez-Vous

After a long and hard-work 23 teams made their way to France for the biggest football event of this year. As the countdown continues, excitement culminates. The kick-off will take place with the “France – Romania” match at the Stade de France on Friday 10th, June at 21:00 (CET).

In this sixteenth occasion of the UEFA European Football Championship, France offers stadiums in 10 different Host Cities. Although there are some concerns about recent terrorist attacks and threats, it seems security and assurance seem to be achieved. In a country that lies in the middle of the Europe and plenty to offer in terms of tourism this might turn into a joy for the supporters who are widely spread around. 


When it comes to the football, Spain will arrive with three titles and as the winner of last two competitions. Although they have created a huge disappointment at the World Cup in Brasil their strength is out of question.


On the other hand, France has already sat on top of the bet sites with 3/1 odds. As France hosts the Euro 2016 it will definitely take the benefit of its supporters and would like to repeat their last success once again. If they can achieve that they will be three-time-winners as Germany and Spain.

GermanyNeedless to mention Germany, as the winner of World Cup in 2014, would like to be alone at the winners club by holding the Trophy for the fourth time. And their recent track and potential supports the bet statistics are set for a reason.

The other 21 teams have all their pros and cons, and they have their words to say on the field. In order to have most out of this tournament I attached some files to the end of this article. You will find “Match Schedule” and “Regulations” and  links to the official web pages as well as my quick “Team Analysis“. [1]

Finally, I have prepared three more files for making things more fun. In the first file, which is called “Group Stage Matches”, you will find a fill-in form for all the group stage games for the possible or realised scores. Second file, which is “Road to the Cup”, is a map for further challenges after group stages, while this year there are some status changes for qualifying. Third and the last file is “My FORECASTS”. This is a final product of comprehensive analysis which is including but not limited to qualifying round and long-term performance of teams, squads’ talents, historical data and current motivation.

Enjoy the Cup!

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 07/06/2016

Official Documents:                   My Contributions:
Match Schedule                            Group Stage Matches
Regulations                                    Road to the Cup


Forecast Group Stage
Forecast AG Standings


[1] The photos in this article along with the “Regulations” and “Match Schedule” files are taken from UEFA’s Official web page.