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to my official website. You will find here general information about various aspects of life. Some of these will be objective news and statistics, while others will be a reflection of my experiences, travels or research. The contents of this website is shaped by good-will principle and my interest areas. I do not accept any advertisements, sponsorships or support from any private or public body. Based on this fact, Economics and Finance, Travel Notes and Book Reviews will be among the prominent subjects that I will provide information on. However, you can also follow from this platform the  Agenda, Chess / Aikido events that take place, and other  Social and Cultural Activities that might be appealing to you.
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Medium of communication has been chosen as English, but there will be publications in Turkish, French and German, too (hopefully with a brief translation). Therefore, I apologize for the language inconvenience in advance and want to remind you that comments on any language are happily accepted.
Unless otherwise stated, all the photographs that take place in this website are taken by me with an amateur spirit. I bear the critics in advance if they do not fit professional standards. You are allowed to use those for uncommercial purposes with references, but please do ask permission for further use and high quality copies. Besides, I believe that a  friend who keeps silent to your mistakes is worse than an enemy who criticizes harshly. So, if you realize any faults please let me know.  I wish you a pleasant and successful day.



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