My Book


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear friends,

I am very pleased to present you all my recent works that took place during my ‘European Economic Studies’ at the College of Europe, Bruges at MA programme.

In this book you will find three academic works based on economics and two social essays. While economic papers dwell on ‘Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis’, ‘Forecasting Exchange Rates’ and ‘Consumption Function for Turkey’; social essays comprised of ‘Rough Guide for İstanbul’ and ‘Chocolate Tasting’.

Although some parts require technical and economic familiarity I hope you will find things that appeal to you and enjoy reading. With this occasion I would like to thank once again to everyone who inspired and stimulated me to conclude these tasks, friends who supported and tolerated me during the challenges and difficult times, and readers’ feedbacks which will enable me to improve myself.



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