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    Chess – Strategy – Aikido

    Bringing three disciplines together “Study the past if you would define the future.” Confucius As I briefly mentioned of my chess career until today, at my previous blog, this time I would like to set the focus on the future. I will first dwell on the word strategy, than mention on two disciplines that I devoted more than twenty years separately, and finally the way I approach chess currently.  Although we develop strategic plans and tactics in our business and personal life, we hardly know what the term “strategy” means and where does it come from. Etymologically it originates from ancient Greek: “The word stratēgos refers to ‘generalship’ and describes the art…

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    Chess Tournament 1

    First fast (20 min/game) chess tournament of the year in Ankara comes from a Carrefour Shopping Center and Turkish Chess Federation  co-operation. Tournament has four categories as three-age and one open. It will be held with Swiss style and on 26-27 January 2013 at Carrefour Ankara, TURKEY. Deadline for applications is 23/01/2013. For further information please click on  chess 2013 T1