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World Cup Forecasts

And here are the afore-promised Forecasts!!!


I must warn you that if you do not want to lose the excitement of the matches and keep wandering about the results, I strictly recommend you not to open the files attached ­čśë

In the following three files you will find: Forecasts for whole Group Stage Games; build on it, Standings after the GS; round of 16 and finals due to Road to the Cup rules as well as teams that achieve podium standing.

May the tournament be joyful, competitive and fair.

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 11/06/2014

An Apology 

Although I had full confidence on my forecasts with a room of error the realisations were surprise to me. Yes, opening match was scened to home country support via referee; yes teams covered large distance before the matches; climate, injuries, nutrition might be all culprits for an excuse but I admit that I failed in accurate forecasting.

One way or another, some teams made a difference in this tournament with their hearts, hard-work and efforts; while some others did create disappointment. In this regard, I feel obliged to apologise for not to be able to precise in this statistically crazy World Cup event on my part for the discrepancies in my forecasts. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the matches.