Excel for Mac

An E-Learning Video-Training


After using Windows and Microsoft Office applications for years I determined long ago to switch to iOS and Mac Applications – and I am totally satisfied with my decision. In my opinion, at the heart of such a choice lies practicality and user friendliness. Furthermore, Apple offers a great flexibility, security and most importantly compatibility within its instruments, which makes any sharing only a touch easy.

Having said that, I must also state that it is sometimes really painful to find a menu item, a simple formula or a command that is accustomed previously. Despite the fact that Pages and Numbers provide most of what is given in Word and Excel in an efficient way for designers and people who prefer visual adjustments and simple, direct results; these Apps still lack the profoundness of Word and Excel in terms of elaborate analysis, complex needs of users or formatting. In this sense, although the difference between Apple and Microsoft with their relevant applications and softwares is great, it is not the subject of this writing. Instead a video-training about the use of Excel for Mac is.

It is not rare that while working with Pages or Numbers I run a search on Google and look for the equivalent command or formula. Sometimes it is out there, but I can not find it – but it is also possible that it is not provided at all. Therefore I advice you to buy MS-Office Pack for Mac if your searches are too frequent. With such a software you will find most of what you used to.

I have recently the following E-learning accomplished and in this regard I recommend it highly for the ones who would like learn or sharpen their skills at Excel with Mac. It starts with ground rules and how to do’s but then it also tackles the delicate issues such as Pivot Table Analysis. Therefore it is suitable both for intermediate and advanced users. It is a video-training by Sabine Lambrich, who is professionally working in this specific field more than 20 years. I found her style very disciplined, as the subjects are approached systematically and efficient, as almost every theme explained also with an example. More of that she is so comfortable to present her data set for the learners as a self-apply-tool.

And a personal note: The last biggest “good” part of this video-training for me was, its being in German. Even though you are a Profi at something, language and a country change can make you look like a Rookie. In order to avoid such awkwardness or just to enrich your world with an extra language at your toolbox, it is a musst to acquire the same knowledge in another language (German) and at another platform (Apple). So wit it, I had a chance to train myself with one instrument on two spheres: Excel for Mac and German. It couldn’t be better.

I am aware that “good” and “bad” are only perceptions and can vary according to people and change in time, but I hope it address you also well as it did for me.     

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And a brief description in German:

“Auch auf dem Mac ist Excel die meistbenutzte Tabellenkalkulation. Sabine Lambrich zeigt Ihnen in diesem Video-Training, wie Sie Excel 2016 erfolgreich einsetzen. Sie lernen die Funktionsvielfalt des Programms von Grund auf kennen. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf den Berechnungen mithilfe von Formeln und Funktionen bis hin zu Pivot-Tabellen. Aber auch die grafische Gestaltung z.B. mittels Diagrammen kommt nicht zu kurz. Schließlich sehen Sie auch, wie Sie Excel auch in der Cloud nutzen und Daten im Team und mit mobilen Geräten bearbeiten.”


Ergun UNUTMAZ, 28.09.2017