World Chess Championship

The World Championship 2018 took place this year in London, United Kingdom, between November 09 and 28. Magnus Carlsen, the reigning world champion, was challenged by Fabiano Caruana. The twelve-game match ended in 6-6 and having not even a single win by either side was a record. Then tie-breaker games came to the fore and Magnus Carlsen made his presence felt.

In a four-game  rapid round, worlds No.1 ranked at this speed, Carlsen made already two wins and was comfortable at the beginning of third round, as a draw would be enough for him to proclaim his victory. However things were opposite for Caruana, as he needed absolutely a win to continue. Under these circumstances we had a chance to watch a party that goes to the edges, but in the end Carlsen won that game, too.

As a result he managed to retain his title. He will carry the World Chess Champion title until the next championship, which will be held in 2020, but with an obvious fall in his tremendous performance and a strong rivalry by Caruana make things more interesting for the future. But now it is time to cherish the moment and enjoy this victory! Afterwards of course learn precious lessons from his strategies and matches. Last but not least, in addition to having the proud of such an honour, Magnus Carlsen also won the 55% of a million-euro prize solely from this event.

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World Chess Championship 2018:


The World Championship 2016 was held in Manhattan, New York between November 11 and 30. The current champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway and his challenger Sergey Karjakin of Russia had 6 points from 12 game classical series, each with a win. Then at the tie-breaks Carlsen had two draws in the first two parties than with two consecutive wins managed to defend his title. 


The World Championship 2014 was the first tournament for the two-year cycle decision. After Magnus Carlsen has just toppled Viswanathan Anand in 2013, it was time now to defend the World Chess Champion title against him. The tournament took place in Sochi, Russia from November 07th to28th. At the eleventh game of twelve round series Carlsen declared his victory with three wins and seven draws.   

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Ergun UNUTMAZ, 29/11/2018