Chess Tournament 8

GRENKE Chess Open 2020

As being the major open chess tournament in Europe, GRENKE Chess Open has an important place for me and the challenge is now out there!

In addition to playing at the same venue with the World Chess Champions and other top class players, quality of the tournament – from opponents to materials and conditions – is unparalleled. This year it will be held for the fifth consecutive time and I am glad to participate previous ones and getting ready for the 2020. You can find my comments, observations and experiences from the first hand on the last event as well as the current tournament here on the blog.

GRENKE Chess Open takes place annually in Karlsruhe, Germany and this year’s registration has already begun. It is open to all players from around the world and more than 2.000 players are expected. Last year’s figure was 1.992 and 326 out of them had titles from Candidate Master (CM) to Grand Master (GM). The tournament has three categories with various strength levels and this year total prize pool is 70.000 EUR. Players for the Classic are as following:

GRENKE Chess Open will be held between 09 – 13 April, 2020 with 9 Rounds Swiss-System. Pairings will be determined by a computer and time-controls are: 2h for 40 moves + 30 minutes for the rest of the game. For further details and registration information please visit the event’s official website, where you can also follow the games live. For the updates of the ongoing tournament please keep checking my blog.

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 16.02.2020

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