Stock Analysis

10 Best Dividend Stocks Under $20

U.S. 2020/q3

(with 17th Dec. 2020 closing prices)

Making investments is a labor of Hercules. I do follow a top down approach and try to get a sense of macroeconomic environment at the very first place. Then I look into sectors and various industries. Following that, comes the company analysis with many filters and ideas. Selection process goes deeper, but in this point it is better to stop here and see how it works in the real life.

I am happy to present you my recent article that is published on Yahoo Finance today, which has similarities with the 10 Best Dividend Stocks article. However on its core, it is different from that. You can visit the page and get the details immediately.

With this opportunity, I would like to thank Insider Monkey, which had great help on the process and added value with their contributions. I also would like to inform readers that stock prices and dividend yield calculations on this study are based on 17/12/2020 closing values. Company information are taken from official websites and SEC filings. For other filters I have utilised the Insider Monkey and Yahoo Finance data set.

I wish you all the best.

Ergun UNUTMAZ, 21.12.2020

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